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ODS files ("OpenDocument Spreadsheet") are a file format of the program "Calc", the spreadsheet of the free Office alternative Open Office or Libre Office . If a file is in ods format, appropriate programs can make changes to the spreadsheet. xlsx files are a file format of the Microsoft Excel program. It can usually only be edited or viewed using Microsoft Excel itself or the Excel Viewer program. The file format ensures subsequent editing, but no overall portability. (Note: Excel only uses the XLSX format from version 2007, all older versions operate with the xls format.) There are many reasons for converting one file format to another: One main reason is the lack of compatibility between Microsoft Excel versions 2007 for editing the newer XLSX files. In this case, conversion helps, and users with older office software can also edit the spreadsheet. In general, the new XLSX format can offer some advantages when editing, since Excel can integrate more special functions when saving with the company's own. Alternatively, switching to the paid but more professional Microsoft Office can make conversion of the file types necessary or useful. Users who want to convert to XLSX format encounter some obstacles when converting. Main problem: There is no integrated conversion option for the existing ODS files in some OpenOffice Calc versions. Conventionally, this can be corrected with various extensions or plug-ins for Calc, but behind them there are often annoying adware and advertising software that are automatically transferred to the computer during installation. Other possibilities of conversion are often missing entirely. Conversion using our online converter is a much more convenient method. After uploading the respective ODS file, this converts the said file fully automatically into an XLSX file. Among other things, you benefit from considerable time savings, the absence of additional costs and no further technical knowledge is required.

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From: ODS

Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) files use a standardised XML-based file format to make it easier to share documents using open-source software. Column, row and cell calculations are included in the file data as well as text and graphics in what is al …

File extension: .ods
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XLSX is the file extension of Microsoft's most widely used Excel spreadsheet program. The format has been the successor of the XLS format since 2003. For editing, formulas or formatting commands are entered in the specified table cells, and macr …

File extension: .xlsx
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Video-Tutorial: ODS to XLSX

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